The Crafts Council of Karnataka, a voluntary organization registered in the year 1982 under the Karnataka Societies Act 1961, is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, documentaion and development of traditional crafts and handloom textiles of  Karnataka.

The Council, during the last two decades, has successfully organized a number of survey and documentation projects, as well as conducted several workshops and training projects.  It has published a number of research projects in both English and Kannada languages.

Kamalini is the Council’s retail wing. Nestled on 17th cross in Malleswaram – this space is a storehouse of Karnataka’s best handicrafts. The proceeds of this shop is directed back to the crafts communities that the Council supports.

Vastrabharana, started in mid 90’s by Pramila Prasad is now the flagship textile and jewelry event of the Council. Held annually in Sept-Oct, this event attracts the country’s top crafts and textile masters to retail to an ever-growing audience who flock in the 1000’s. Kuteera – the flagship handicrafts and lifestyle products event of the Council is a crowd-puller in its own right as well.